Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fun in the Sun

Fun in th Sun

Although today is another gloomy day, I believe we've had more sun than last summer. It's easy to complain about the bad, but the good days, have been good! Thanks, Lord, for the glorious sunshine! Keep sending more our way...

Grandma's Camper

Grandma's Camper

Grandma has been kind enough to share her motorhome with us over the summer and we've enjoyed it. We use it at the jobsite where Matt is building a house and we went camping overnight one time. It is very handy and fun. Thanks Grandma Pam!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Summer So Far

Scroll down to read about our summer so far in chronological order. Then click on the picture above to see a few more pictures of the kids.

On the Fourth of July we enjoyed our small town parade and then came home for a nap. It started out dreary and overcast, but then the sun came out for most of the parade. We finished off the day with an indoor BBQ at Fischers as the weather decided to finish off the day with rain.

The Lake

We were invited to join some friends at Scout Lake one sunny afternoon and it was so lovely. The kids played in the water and sand on the shore, catching fish and "shrimp." The weather has been a good balance between sun and rain this summer, I feel.
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Little Miss Mobile

Six month old Hallie has learned how to crawl! I was not expecting, nor prepared to deal with her newfound mobility this summer. The first thing she heads for is the DVD player/Satellite receiver, then she heads towards this little table.

She is growing up too fast! She is delightful.
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The beach was just brimming with clam enthusiasts and their SUVs on this, the last good clam tide of the season. I am not a clam enthusiast, but I do enjoy a sunny day at the beach. After walking down through the mud to snap a few pics, Tana, Hallie and I trudged our way back up to the dry sand to play and catch some rays. Carson got his share of clamming with Aunt Mary, Aunt Karen, Uncle Kenny, and cousins Christina, Kevin, Keith, Kyle, and Kaden.
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The Deck

At the beginning of the summer, I convinced Matt that a deck was more important to me than a lawn right now. The kids enjoy playing in the dirt, but I did not enjoy the four foot step to get out the door, which made grilling difficult, etc. So, we put on the deck and I love it. I still deal with a lot of dirt....and the neighbors will have to suffer a while longer looking at our ugly dirt yard.
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