Friday, September 11, 2009

My Ollie Boy

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More of Ollie - 6 months old


Carson loves to rope others into helping him with his schemes! Now he has it in his head to build a treefort. We missed a really good photo op prior to this when each kid (the extras are our neighbor boys) is carrying their own smaller piece of wood and Hallie is bringing up the rear with a bigger piece than Tana. She just keeps chugging along a few feet behind. She hates to be left out and was thrilled that no one told her she could not participate in this expedition.

Princess Tea Party

I devoted this day to playing with Hallie since I had felt frazzled cleaning and running around all week. It was nice to slow down and worry about nothing but having fun with my 2 1/2 year old. Well, poor Ollie had to get dressed up like a princess too.



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Tana's Birthday Luau

Montana turned 5 during the first week of school. We had a "Hawaii" themed birthday party, which turned out awesome because Mr. Sun shone bright for us and Mr. Wind stayed away! Thank you so much to my fabulous photographer, Joy Jones!

Things I love about Montana at 5:
- her love of all things school!
- her impeccable memory
- all the grown-up things she says in just everyday talk
- her beautiful sun-streaked hair
- her imagination and creativity
- the way she can be a tough tom-boy and a pretty pretty princess
- her willingness to try anything

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oliver Eating and Playing

Ollie Fun



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Random Pics -- last days of summer :(




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Gold Panning


Hope Camping Trip!

We had a lot of fun making a special trip to Hope to camp and learn about gold mining. Neither Matt nor I could ever recall having gone there, although we've lived here most of our lives and drive past the turn off on the way to Anchorage all the time. The view from the campground is amazing -- across the Turnagain Arm. Carson got to experience gold panning with "Gold Rush Peck". His expressions totally crack me up, he is so wary of new people. A black bear gave us a warm welcome to our campsite!

MOPS Rummage Sale

We had a garage sale at our house to benefit MOPS and so there were lots of kiddos playing in the back yard. We had some sun and I really enjoyed all the action taking place here.
Hallie and Brookie were "tape monsters"! They did this to themselves and then jumped around growling at all the big kids. It was pretty cute.

This is a hole that Carson has been working on with anyone who comes to visit. His original goal was to dig a tunnel, but we had to put a stop to that when they were actually starting to make some progress in the side of the hole. No going under the dirt is our new rule.
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Ollie's first food

This was probably a month ago. He's pretty much a pro now. He's whipped through the whole range of stage 1 baby foods, many of the stage 2s and has settled on a daily regimen of applesauce and oatmeal along with a few other things thrown in here and there. He loves to eat and like to express his pleasure while eating with lots of mmms.
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Dedicating Baby Oliver

We dedicated Ollie in August. Pastor Scott Coffman prayed and presented him to the church.
Oliver looking spiffy on his dedication day!
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