Thursday, December 8, 2011

You are my sunshine...

Something really cool just happened.

It's no secret that I struggle with our winters. That is where God has me right now. I am transparent. I used to wear masks and will no longer do so. I pray, pray, pray that God will use me, somehow, to bring him glory.

So for me, without exception, sun=happy. No sun = no happy, no energy, no motivation, the list goes on. I never used to be such a wimp, but I seem to have no control over the fact that each year the affect on me worsens.

Before you come to me with all your suggested solutions, please know that I have tried/am trying everything. Even prescription medication. I will continue to seek God's direction as I pursue an answer. That is not the point of this post.

This morning was really rough on me. I don't know why. Other than the fact that I haven't followed my morning routine of working out. I have been struggling to get out of bed. Then I've been getting sidetracked by the computer instead of taking care of morning chores and my children. Then I am frazzled when it's time to leave for the bus and inevitably yelling ensues before everyone is actually in the car. So that makes me feel yucky.

And I have been reading post after post of these amazing Godly women (who also happen to be amazing writers) and how they "do" Christmas in their family. And basically it's been making me feel like a really bad person. I am now struggling with what is the right thing to do in our home, with my family.

So all morning I am feeling yucky - in my mind, heart, and body. There is no sun. I haven't worked out. I am eating like crap. I am a terrible person.

I have no peace. I realize I cannot have peace because I have not been in the presence of God. For DAYS. It's kind of like working out - the longer you go not doing it, the easier it is to continue not doing it (or the harder to get back in the habit). I have been feeling ashamed about it (every time the alarm on my phone goes off that is the time I "scheduled" to be with God each day) and afraid to face him.

I make the kids lunch (this is big) and consciously make the decision to sit and interact with them while they are eating rather than wait it out reading facebook or another important blog. Then I think I might feel better about myself if I read to them before Oliver's nap. So we read 3 books. Then I walk with Ollie up to bed and he asks me to lay down with him. I do (a task I usually avoid). He fell asleep right before my very eyes. Within a couple of minutes. It was beautiful. Then I come down and I don't hear Hallie, so I assume she is in the basement playing. But then I hear her on the couch and I ask her what she is doing and she says she is going to take a nap. She is asleep in less than 5 minutes. God put my children to sleep, my friends. (The dog also went to sleep, by the way.) I turn off the Christmas music and there is complete silence. Another form of peace.

So, I get out my Bible and Bible study and guess what the topic for this day was? God's peace. Here's one verse that really stood out:
I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world. John 16:33

Then I am spending a lot of time apologizing and begging God to "take me back", basically. There are many tears spilled as I am crying out to God, asking him to allow me into his presence, pleading with him to wash over me and show me how to live in this place and be in the center of his will. And I am just sitting there, at the table with my Bible, unsure what to do, but unwilling to move on without something more.

And that's when it happened. The clouds parted in this one little spot and the glorious sunshine broke through and landed right on me at that table. Everywhere else is gray and clouds, but at that moment there is sunlight, streaming through, right onto me. And then, let me tell you, the floodgates opened and the tears were full on sobbing. Why does God love me so? I am so undeserving.

God has restored my peace. And I have GOT to stop comparing myself to other people and focus on what God wants. And most importantly, I have got to remain in His presence if I want His peace.

I love you, friends.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Straight Talk About Santa

Well, I did it. The day I have been dreading has come to pass.

I told Carson straight out, "there is no Santa." I also said, "the presents; they're from us. the tree; we put it up."

Where to start on this post? I am so torn on this issue! Sometimes I just want to say FORGET SANTA! But then I remember all the wonderful memories from my childhood. And I think about the joy and excitement I see in Matt when he puts up Santa's tree and then waits in anticipation for the kids to see it. It is a "magical", wonderful time for our family.

Matt and I grew up knowing the true reason for Christmas. More emphasis was always put on the birth of Jesus and why he came than on Santa. My kids know WHO Christmas is about. JESUS. But should we remove Santa from the picture? I struggle with this question.

We do not have to take the same path in our lives as our parents. We do not have to take the same approach to holidays with our children, how we worship God, discipline, educate, or ANYTHING as the one our parents took when raising us. We can CHOOSE differently. But what is right? What is most important? What is best for our children? What will grow them towards being Godly young people with immense LOVE for all of mankind? That is what I am trying to determine here.

I feel good about where we are at. My parents NEVER had a straight talk with me about Santa. I wish they had. I am embarrassed to think about how long I believed in him. Of course I guessed it, but I think I might have been in denial for a long time. My mom always said "as long as we believe in Santa, he will keep coming." Meaning, we just say we believe, even if we don't, and whoever is bringing the presents will keep bringing them! So that was the extent of our conversation. I never knew the history of Santa.

For the longest time early in our marriage, I wanted to take that approach with my kids. I really hated the idea of saying the words "Santa is not real". But I know my kids. And they are not me. And I am glad I did it.

Carson, he is great. He is the best. How bittersweet for me that my little boy is becoming a young man already. He handled the news well. I was so worried and dreading that conversation because his reactions can be a bit strong. He has a history of meltdowns when dealing with disappointment. And I also didn't want him to be hurt. My hope was that he would accept the news well and know that everything we do and say is in love and with only the best intentions. If he thought of us as liars, that would be terrible! I tried really hard to be sloppy, even last year, so he could figure it out on his own or at least ask the question to open that conversation! But he was really hanging on and we were risking him being the only third grader in his class who didn't know. I think he is actually relieved to know the truth and not have to wonder or guess or try to figure it out anymore. I can understand that!

He now gets to be an "elf" and help with Santa's tree. I hope he can enjoy the special role of being "in the know" without spoiling it for the others. :)

Here is my big boy two Christmases ago. We found him asleep in front of Santa's tree in the morning with a very convincing story that he had seen Santa. <3

Feel free to comment with your opinion. I'm a big girl now, and I can take it. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blog Post About My Hair

Have you ever experienced insomnia? I do, fairly regularly, usually preceding that special visitor us ladies get each month. Like right now, it's 1:56 AM. I went to bed at 10:10 PM. I believe I slept a bit at first, but next thing I knew I was looking at the clock and it was eleven something...and I've been awake ever since. This is night two of this, so you can imagine my disappointment at not being able to sleep. I keep experiencing these giant, deep, soul trembling yawns...yet sleep eludes me. What I experience during these episodes is something I call "crazy mind". I mean, it jumps all over the place. I have about 20 things going through it simultaneously, one of which is ALWAYS a song. I try to clear my mind. I try to focus on one thing. I try praying.

But this post is about my hair. One of the things that has been OBSESSIVELY going through my mind while lying in bed tonight is the fact that the back of my hair just at the base of my head is too long. And now it's driving me nuts. I don't think I can stop thinking about it until I get it fixed. But I just had my hair cut a week ago! And I really don't want to call the salon. I am certain that by now I have earned the reputation at the salon as the girl who just can't be pleased. This hair has been through quite the transformation over the last 6 months. So let me just tell you the story of my hair.

First of all, I hate my hair. It really requires a lot of effort to look decent. I used to be quite "low maintenance", as my hubby puts it. As for my hair, it usually ended up in a ponytail and I was quite comfortable with that. But then I cut it shorter. It looked pretty cute in an a-line, but I would have to straighten it to keep it from being puffy with one rogue wave. Now I am going to fast forward to post-childnumberfour, Ollie. Actually, it was during his pregnancy. My hair turned curly in the back underneath. Well, I liked the idea of the curls, but my hair just became a lot of work, because no matter what, I had to either curl or straighten my hair for it to look good. Then, one day I went in to get my hair cut and the girl who was doing my hair had gotten a perm. She had short hair and it looked really cute. I had been planning, dreaming, and scheming about growing my hair longer again and getting a wavy perm in hopes of returning to low-maintenance girl and not having to curl or straighten. But my hair grows extremely slow and how many times had I given up on growing because I just couldn't stand it at that in-between stage? So, I decided to get a perm. And so the perm saga began. And a mullet I just can't seem to get rid of.

The first perm was great. But it fell out in less than two weeks. The cut, shorter layers on top than I had ever had. (Still trying to grow out those layers while cutting the back shorter and shorter. I have determined, without a doubt, that good or bad, I prefer my hair shorter in the back than the front.) I was leaving on vacation and needed it fixed, pronto! So, a different girl re-permed my hair in the wee hours of the morning. That turned out so much worse than the first one. Terrible! But I had to go on vacation and that is when I learned to use my curling iron. When we got home, I got another perm (with girl number 3), which turned out well. (Except that it was only the top and by that time the bottom had lost it's curl as well, but I didn't have the guts to speak up about it.) But she cut the top even shorter! AAAAHHH! The mullet was becoming more pronounced. I went back and had it cut again in the back. I learned that I must always use the curling iron to make it look good. I get to the point that I feel it is safe to ask for another perm and request that we start working towards this goal of shorter back and longer front. Sort of a-line with stacked back, but still curly. Love my hair for two weeks. Realize the back needs to be shorter. Go back in. Improved, but still not short enough. For some reason, even though I think I know what I want and have been improving in my communication, I still can't seem to get across exactly what I am looking for! I have been in the salon more in the last 6 months than in the last 6 years, I am certain!

And I dread calling them in the morning. But if I don't, this tiny issue with my hair will take over my mind until I get it fixed. So, thank you for all of your compliments. I really do love my hair when I make it curly. But it's a lot of work. And I long to be low-maintenance girl once again!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I blog, therefore I am.

This post is dedicated to my friend Heather, with love.

I am so perfect. I mean, you probably already know this from reading the amazing blog entries I post everyday, highlighting the amazing things I do in my home, with my children and husband, as well as all of my volunteer activities.

Because I am such a perfect parent, my children are nothing if not perfect! They are completely respectful to me all the time and cheerfully take care of their household responsibilities before asking me if there is anything else they can do to help. They never bicker or whine, heavens no! I never hear crying and the word bored is not even in their vocabularies.

My home is a sanctuary of peace and order. It is clean, man is it clean! You will not find a handprint anywhere, nor a speck of dust. Cobwebs and spiders crawling about are unheard of. My floors are spotless and all bed linens cleaned weekly. My home always smells delightful.

We grow, raise, harvest, pasture, and butcher all our food. We do not consume anything processed, not a darn thing! You will never catch my children eating candy! I bake fresh bread daily and have a 6 month meal planner in which not a single meal is repeated. My husband and children love everything I prepare for them and smile ever so sweetly, thanking me for the meals I prepare. My kitchen is my haven.

My home does keep me busy, but I would be nothing without my outside volunteer activities. They complete me. And my children, since they are so amazing, must participate in every sport and afterschool enrichment activity offered. They are active at church and in various scouting organizations, as well as the music and dance lessons they participate in.

I know you already knew how amazing I am. But maybe you should tell your friends. Because I love my eleven followers, I do. But I can't help but feel that even more people could benefit from reading my blog.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I am covering some of our vacation using pictures from my mom's camera! We still haven't gotten our hard drive back, but my mom took some great pictures on our trip and she gave me her card to put them on my computer. Our vacation/wedding trip was in early June. We arrived in San Diego around midnight and the next day we found a local donut shop, which was awesome, Coronodo Beach, which was freezing and windy, and Mike and Kate Fischer's house, which was beautiful and featured a heated pool! On day 2, we went to Legoland. It was fun! The only bummer was that I really wanted to spend some time at the waterpark part of Legoland and let the kids really experience an outdoor park, but it was really too cold with the wind and the kids did not want to stay at that part.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frontier Airlines

This is just a little shout out to the Frontier Airlines crew of flight 888 on Sunday August 7, from Denver to Anchorage. This was my first time flying on Frontier, the second leg of my trip home from Nashville. I was beyond impressed with this airline and crew. I chose the flight because it was the cheapest on my search. I have flown a lot with Alaska Airlines (because we get miles) and Delta, and that's about it. The flight attendants were fun, hilarious, and interactive. I have never laughed out loud on an airplane that I can recall, or spent so much time interacting with the other passengers in my row. I also enjoyed the warm cookies served on each flight. You can be sure that when I am going to purchase tickets with money and not miles, I will be looking for flights on Frontier.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Maggie May!

After 10 years of pushing and prodding, I finally gave in to a dog. Honestly, I always knew we would get one someday, but my reluctance was due to the fact that dogs complicate life. More than kids. You can take kids with you pretty much wherever you go. Dogs are not welcome most public places. Dogs make it more difficult to travel because you have to find a person or place to care for them while you are gone. Dogs shed. Dogs have to be let out to go potty. And, I KNEW, I could not be a dog owner who keeps the dog outside. A pet is part of the family. What IS the point of owning a dog if it spends all it's time away from the family? I needed to be really ready.

So, I gave in on the condition that I got to pick the breed and the name. I think I found a winner with little miss Maggie.

It's a new era for this family. :)
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The MOPS Update

So, last year I took a "year off" from coordinating classic mops. One of the things I've learned since then is that when I follow God's leading, it doesn't mean that later he won't lead me right back to where I was! When I first realized I was going to be back into the coordinator role at College Heights this coming year, I was a little embarrassed to share the news. I felt like I kinda made a big deal about leaving in the first place. Because I figured it was forever! And I was sad about it, but excited to go with God wherever he took me. Silly me to think I know what God's got in mind!

It was a good year for me to not be coordinating. Refreshing. Plus, I would have had a mental breakdown, I think, trying to coordinate and build our house, while living with my inlaws. :) I am thankful God had someone there to keep it going during my hiatus. And this time, I am not trying to predict the future! One year at a time. I will continue to rely upon God to enable me to do all he has set out for me.

I wasn't latent, mind you. I was still coordinating Teen MOPS. Teen MOPS has been such a blessing! Rewarding, stretching, growing. There is such a need. Oftentimes, young moms don't see their need, or are too stubborn to address it. No matter what our age, we ALL need to be connected when parenting young children! I pray there is someone in our community with passion, drive, and initiative, willing to lead Teen MOPS. I don't want to see it die. But I can't do it all.

I've also served a full year as a Field Leader for Mops International! From the first general session at my very first Convention in Dallas, before our MOPS group had even started and I had ever been to one MOPS meeting, I knew when I saw the girls walking around in the brightly colored polos that I would someday be one of them. I just didn't think it would be so soon! I absolutely love being a field leader. Although, because we were in the situation we were, building our house, I have not yet lived up to my potential in that role. I feel like I was just getting started this spring, once we were all settled. We did have our first ever community event in Anchorage and Leadership Summit there as well and I am just thrilled to start connecting these leaders and groups together in our vast state, as well as offer support and encouragement to them in their leadership roles.

So, there you have it! We are gearing up for a new MOPS year at College Heights and I find myself at the helm again! With God as my compass, of course. I am so excited! I am excited to be working with new leaders, excited to meet new moms and see who God will send to our group. I am excited to be stretched and grown more and more. I am excited to serve. I know I am at my best when I am serving others, when God is loving moms through me.

The Non-Update Update

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! I sort of have this love-hate relationship with Facebook because you can easily and quickly post lots of pictures on there and I know more people are looking at them. But then it makes me less inclined to post on here. I really love how my blog allows me to express myself more's an outlet I need.

We made it through spring and breakup! The BIG event for our family was going to California and Arizona just after school let out. I would like to share more with you about that trip with pictures included, but just after we got home and I put all my pics and TONS of video on my computer, the hard drive crashed! I should also add that I had erased them from the card, because that's what I do.

Thankfully, we do have an amazingly technologically inclined friend who has found a way to get them off the old hard drive! I am so thankful! But I just haven't gotten them back yet, so you'll have to wait to hear all about our wonderful trip.

The trip was wonderful, but coming home wasn't. After a week in Arizona, waking up to clear, blue skies and sunshine and 95 degrees everyday, we returned to clouds and rain for a week straight. It was a very hard adjustment for me. If it had been more gradual, I think that would have been easier, but I suffered a week of mini-depression, that I will tell you. I remember the day I woke up and opened the curtains to the gray and instead of having the immediate physical and emotional reaction of depression, as I had been, I thought, "this is okay. I can live with this."

So now summer's on! The weather still hasn't been great. I am praying for some nice days. I want to do some camping and hiking. We got our lawn planted and it is starting to grow! I still have a lot of indoor projects that need completed, but I have lost the motivation there. We are itching to get a puppy....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Refreshment

Maybe you identify with a t-shirt slogan I saw on a group of moms at MOPS Convention. It said:




It certainly gave me a chuckle. I don’t know about the super wife and super mom part, but there are definitely times that I feel SUPER TIRED as a mom of young children! Jesus said, in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” I have been weary and burdened, how about you?

Sometimes, when I’m in a place of feeling weary and burdened, I can almost visualize myself in a dry, desolate desert, trudging though the sand, and all I see on the horizon is dune after dune of the same dusty brown sand. Or it might literally look like diaper after diaper of the same smelly poop. Load after load of the same laundry each week. Load after load of the same dishes. It can certainly make one weary. If we come to Him, he will give us rest! Sometimes, we just need to rest in His arms. “Every moment of every season is an opportunity for spiritual growth.”(Alicia Britt Chole, Intimate Conversations) Even seasons of rest.

After I’ve spent some time resting, I’m thirsty! I’m thirsty for LIFE! And guess what, Jesus had something to say about our thirst as well. He said, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink.” (John 7:37) As the springtime sun pours forth, my soul is awakened! I begin seeking the Lord with renewed vigor. Like a flower bulb, I have been dormant, resting in my Father’s arms. Once my restoration is complete, I experience refreshment. I am overflowing with energy and joy!

Maybe you are feeling weary or burdened. Maybe you hunger or thirst for something beyond physical food and drink. There is new life to be found in Jesus! Let Him restore you. Let Him refresh you.

Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away. Then times of refreshment will come from the presence of the Lord. Acts 3:19-20a (New Living Translation)

weary: physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion, strain; characterized by or causing impatience or dissatisfaction; tedious

burden: that which is carried; a load; that which is borne with difficulty; obligation

hunger: a strong or compelling desire or craving

thirst: strong or eager desire; craving

restore: to bring back into existence, use, or the like; reestablish; to bring back to a former, original, or normal condition; to bring back to a state of health, soundness, or vigor

refresh: to provide new vigor and energy; to stimulate; to make fresh again; reinvigorate or cheer

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Waiting for Spring

Lego World

Carson can get pretty creative with his legos when he's not reading Harry Potter. I can't wait to see how he likes Legoland when we visit California!

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Winter Times

Ollie likes to squeeze in small places.
Grandpa and the boys making chili on Super Bowl Sunday.
Super Bowl Sunday sledding fun with Aunt Britt and Zack (not pictured)!
Ollie enjoys something yummy.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Carson's Room

Carson picked out his colors and put on the stickers himself. The beanbag in the corner is where we find him spending all his spare time lately.
The top bunk quilt is from his previous theme - construction zone. Bottom bunk quilt I found at Target (my favorite store). The brown and orange are nice accents that keep the blue "sky" of his wall from being too overwhelming.
In the last two weeks Carson has read (along with Jim Dale on CD) the first 3 and a half Harry Potter books! Matt and I have read and listened to all of the books. If you've never read them and you have time to listen in the car, his reading is awesome.
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Panama City Beach, Florida

"I was dancing before the Lord...I am willing to act like a fool in order to show my joy in the Lord." 2Samuel 6:21

It's hard to explain, but my time in Florida turned out to be a much needed spiritual retreat. It was so wonderful, I find myself longing for the next opportunity to meet with the Lord at my favorite creation of His, the shore.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lego Star Wars Birthday

Carson's birthday is on Monday. I can't believe I'll have been a mom for 8 years!
Birthday parties used to really stress me out. I think I am improving in that area. They are getting much more fun as the kids get older. And I really do want them to have a special time to remember. Carson's been into legos and Star Wars lately and got the Wii game "Lego Star Wars" for Christmas, so we based our theme on that. It's nice that his guest list was small. That eases the stress a great deal. I was quite proud of my cake utilizing the marshmallow fondant (although I need a lot more practice working with that), my prezel rod light saber snacks, and our Jedi training activities resulting in presentation of a light saber, which I made out of pipe insulation and duct tape. A very fun time!




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Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have been thinking about putting music on my blog forever, but it wasn't until I discovered this group that I decided I actually was going to take the time to figure it out. This group, Need To Breathe, isn't new. I wish I had discovered them long ago. I've only heard their most recent album, The Outsiders, but every song on it is awesome! The one playing is called "Something Beautiful".

Rewind: Seward Sealife Center

Last year my mom gave us a gift certificate for the Sealife Center that expired at the end of the year. So, we headed to Seward the week after Christmas with Aunt Katy and Uncle Jesse. In conjunction with visiting the center, we were picking up a large fiberglass tank/pool that they had listed on freecycle, so Matt could realize his childhood dream of having a swimming pool in his backyard. When I say large, I mean GARGANTUOUS. But more on that later, I'm sure. :) Other than the fact that Katy was sicker than a dog, the guys were outside disassembling the pool the entire time and didn't get to share the fun, and after awhile the 4 kids were a bit much so we had to walk up the street in search of lunch, it was a good time. Their reaction to all the sealife was great! I would like to shout out a huge thanks to Katy and Jesse for helping on this trip. I know it wasn't what you expected or thought you were getting yourself into, but I seriously wouldn't have survived without you! We all love you so much!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my children keep me humble

Hallie (4) has been begging me for days to make cookies with frosting and sprinkles. I have been putting her off. There are many reasons why I didn't want to make these cookies, but today, especially, I DID NOT want to make them. But fed up with the whining, I reluctantly and rather unkindly gave in. Imagine me tearing around the kitchen, throwing stuff out, trying to get through the task quickly. The idea is to make it known how unhappy I am to be doing this small act. She is oblivious to my feelings. I am wasting away a time that could be joyful with my daughter.

As I spend this time in the kitchen with her and realize she is happy to be with me, no matter how mean I am, my spirit begins to soften. I am making her day...her week, actually. She is not even asking me to make frosting, the part I loathe. She is happy to use some very old store bought tubed writing frosting. I tell her I think it tastes yucky. She says, it's okay. She begins putting it on a cookies. She tastes it and decides it does taste yucky. Here is my full turning point. I ask her if she would like me to make some pink frosting. I am making a simpler frosting, not my best work. She is sitting slightly behind and to the side of me watching. She leans in and quietly and sweetly says, "Mom, you are the best mom ever." And my heart is melted and crushed at the same time. Because I am the worst mom ever.

So today, my workout that I didn't get in this morning due to a sleepless night will have to wait, my bathroom cleaning will have to wait, the doorknobs I was planning to install downstairs will have to wait, the 3 Bible study homeworks I am behind and must do for tomorrow will have to wait. I am going to play with my girl.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Video Round-Up

I am so behind in my blogging! This is where I have to figure out if I just skip ahead or try to catch up. I usually try to catch up because I'm a bit OCD like that! Yesterday I uploaded some recent videos and I was looking at YouTube and realized that there are some videos I uploaded that I hadn't ever posted. So, here are a couple from Christmas and a couple from earlier in the Fall.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rewind: Montana's Surgery

I'm so happy I found this post. I wrote it a long time ago and thought it was lost forever!

Okay, so I really wanted to get this cute pic off my phone before I shared about this event with you. During a routine dental check-up in the fall (her first one ever, I might add), our dentist noticed in Montana's x-rays that her molars weren't descending at equal rates on either side and that it looked like there was a mass blocking one from growing in appropriately. (He did not inform me of this at the time.) I was at the office with all 4 kids that day and it was a bit stressful getting them rounded up and out after an older patient leaving called the office to tell them that there was a little girl standing out in the parking lot barefoot (Hallie), causing some unnecessary office lady excitement, because I knew she was there, and had, in fact told her to go stand out there to eat a particularly messy cookie. But I digress. What I am trying to get at is that they said, "Dr. Wortham wants to send these out to a radiologist to have read and we'll get back to you." I was so frazzled at that point, that I really didn't digest what they were saying and replied "Okay" and got my brood out of there.

Two weeks later I get a call, "Dr. Wortham would like to schedule an appointment with you to discuss the results of Montana's radiographs." Begin freaking out now. I could not even remember that they had said they were sending out the x-rays. (It was a crazy fall.) Thankfully, I was able to get in right away, but it was nervewracking wondering what was wrong with my daughter that we were completely unaware of! In an effort to shorten this story, he showed me her pictures and I could clearly see the cyst and he referred us to an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon, Dr. Bergeron, was a very large dude, with a very loud, deep voice. A bit scary on first meeting. But he won over sweet Montana's heart! He examined and explained that although there was no way to know exactly what type of cyst it was at this point, it needed to come out and the sooner the better.

So, one month later, in early November, Montana and I were on our way to Anchorage for two days. Day one, shopping and pre-op appointment at Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska. Day two, a bit more shopping and oral surgery at Alaska Regional Hospital. And this is the part of the story that I really want to tell you about. It was the most wonderful 2 days of my entire year. I spent wonderful one on one time with my "middle" child. It was fun and special, shopping with her, staying in a hotel with her eating junk food and watching Disney channel as late as she could stay awake, going to Chuck E Cheeses with her, and listening to her talk her little heart out. And she was such a champ. She had to fast from the time she woke until surgery at 1:00 pm! (I managed to fast with her, except I did give in and get a breve when we checked in at the hospital.) She bought herself a cute messenger bag she just couldn't resist at Office Max and she carried it with her writing supplies and made a list of all the "Things She Didn't Expect at the Hospital". She got teary when the pre-op nurse explained what was going to happen, but then the little personal TV on an arm with PBS (which she is watching in the pic) took her mind off of it. Then they gave her the "happy medicine", the thing I am most thankful for, and she got silly. Hallucinating and whatnot. They wheeler her away happy and her recovery was a breeze.

When we got the results of the cyst, we learned that it is a VERY rare type of cyst. I still am unsure of how it would have affected life if it had not been removed, but all I want to say is that all the people we came into contact with at Oral Surgery Associates and Alaska Regional were top notch. It was a wonderful experience all around as far as medical things go.

And I know that having to go through this with my child should have been stressful and terrifying, etc. But I was truly sad when the whole experience was over. I loved my two days alone with Montana.

The end.

Laundry Room!

This project was pretty much completed over Christmas break (trim and window sill excluded). But today I finally put everything away and cleaned the aftermath of construction. And I sealed the tile grout, which is a huge accomplishment! Yay for me! I wanted a bright a cheery atmosphere in the laundry room to make this chore more enjoyable. I think it turned out lovely! The other wall is bare, I keep up the ironing board there. Thinking about putting up a cute vinyl expression there in the future.

SNEAK PEEK: master bath tub
This is the condition of it today and the rest of the bathroom is still majorly under construction. But I finally got to put my vision into concrete last weekend with this tub top and I really do love how it turned out. I was nervous! There's just no knowing what something will look like -- if it will look good or not -- when you've never seen it done before. Now I know these rocks have been used probably in similar situations, but I just haven't seen it and particularly not with the sea glass. I love how it turned out!

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