Friday, November 21, 2008

Princess Sisters

Hallie now has taken to dressing up like a princess, or should I say being dressed up. Matt is pained by this new develpment in "daddy's girl." She idolizes Montana, that is clear to see. There has been less hair pulling lately and more collaboration.

Peelin' Potatoes



We had an early Thanksgiving dinner with the Fischer family due to the unfortunate circumstances that are keeping Matt's parents away all through the holidays and the trip they were supposed to take with us to Hawaii. The girls enjoyed peeling potatoes. Well, Montana got it down pretty good. Hallie just liked to stab the peeler through the potato and carry it around (I found one in the playroom later that day). Carson gave up after peeling his own skin.
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One Silly Girl




This girl cracks me up on a regular basis with her little escapades and diversions. And she's very particular about things being "just so". This morning Matt wanted a bag to put some mandarin oranges in to take to school, so I set him up. Some time later in the morning Hallie was taking oranges out of the box and I said she could not have them (as she made a mess with one earlier). I quickly gave in and gave her one orange to hang on to. She then asked for a bag to put it in. Okay, I gave her a bag and she carried it around the rest of the morning, adding things to it along the way. She also wore a backpack all morning, because she saw her sister put one on at one point. Her communication skills are really flourishing and this is a fun age with her.
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Hallie is thrilled whenever she sees a moose in the yard. She is always on the lookout and will often ask us where they are. The other day she was happily standing in the windowsill watching a moose in our yard and then squealed with delight when she noticed a second moose further off in the woods. There was some confusion early on with a moose and a cow which says "moo". But I think we've got that all worked out now. The moose are literally taking over our neighborhood! We counted 10 in the field nearby all at the same time, early in the morning. Carson is now nervous to walk the 1/8 mile from the end of the road to our house when the bus drops him off and twice has knocked on neighbors' doors asking for a ride.
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy Hoarder

Hallie decided to bulk up her Halloween take by filling her bucket with our candy for handing out to trick or treaters.

Super Mario Crew

Mario, Princess Peach, and Toad
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