Thursday, April 30, 2009

In his bed


Here is Ollie asleep on his first night in his own room in the crib (two nights ago). When he stretched and kicked his legs, he was the length of the bassinet. And I had outgrown constantly hearing him.
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Grandma Pam


Grandma Pam loves to play with the babies and bring out the smiles!
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Big Brother


He loves his brother!
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Spring to Summer



So you can see my kids are ready to be outside. Thankfully, now, the snow is all melted and we are getting up to 60 today! But when the sun came out a few weeks ago, the kids insisted they were hot and shed all their clothes. What can I do? This is Alaska.
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Finished Fireplace


I know we need an updated picture for the mantle........

We have been finishing odds and ends around the house and put a FOR SALE sign in front of the house! We would like to pay some bills and build another house if someone wants this one. If not, no big deal, we'll stay. :)
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My Girls

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Aunt Katy


Aunt Katy came to stay and help for a couple of weeks shortly after Oliver was born. This picture is just before she was getting on the plane to leave. I can't believe during all that time I didn't take any other pictures! I guess I was just in a haze.

We love Aunt Katy! aka: Tia Kate!

Thank you for staying at our house, on the couch in the playroom, being woke up way too early, entertaining the kids, helping feed and care for them, enduring fatigue-induced loss of patience (my yelling at the kids), hanging out with me, drinking coffee, celebrity gossip, preventing me from starting diet and exercise, and being an excellent sister and aunt!

Oliver is now looking forward to meeting Aunt Britt at her college graduation in Virginia in two weeks!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter Pics

Are these not the cutest kids ever?
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Back to Living

So it's been a rough six weeks with Mr. Oliver. He is very gassy...needs someone to teach him how to let it go! AND he doesn't eat well, at least from me. But he will eat as much as we will give him from a bottle. Since he hadn't regained his birth weight at 3 weeks, we began to suppliment some feedings with formula. I was so surprised that he would eat more after nursing, because he never showed any signs of hunger, but was not lethargic at all. But as we can't really afford to go the formula route I began pumping several times a day. It's very tiring, time consuming, and physically and emotionally exhuasting to basically "double feed" all day. I'm just not ready to give up nursing completely, but many meals get taken via bottle, just to save time.

BUT Ollie is thriving and now putting on weight quickly. And, while our days are pretty crazy trying to squeeze his feeding needs into our already established schedule, I am finally feeling like I have a grip. I have to time everything just right! I am so ready for school to be out and a break from MOPS and gymnastics so that Ollie's schedule is the only schedule to worry about!

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago.

Pondering life in his sleep.

The cute outfit I got super cheap on clearance before I knew if he was a he!
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Monday, April 6, 2009

A whistle and a snap.

Carson recently learned how to whistle. He has been practicing this new skill almost ceaselessly! Montana has also been practicing her snapping.

More Oliver

The cute whale outfit from Grandma Fischer that is too short already.
QT with Dad.

Bathing. Generally not too fond of being changed, disrobed, or bathed. But if I get him totally submersed in water, he will calm down.
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Almost a smile?

Oliver has smiled at me and not by accident. But it is hard to catch on camera!

Grandpa Allan lovin' on the grandkids.
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This and That

It's amazing what Carson can come up with when required to spend some quiet time alone in his room.
Hallie's been into dressing, undressing, and dressing herself lately. She like to put on the princess dress up clothes as well. Since I took a picture once, she always tells me to take a picture now.
My four children! I'm a mother of four.
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