Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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So it's been a rough six weeks with Mr. Oliver. He is very gassy...needs someone to teach him how to let it go! AND he doesn't eat well, at least from me. But he will eat as much as we will give him from a bottle. Since he hadn't regained his birth weight at 3 weeks, we began to suppliment some feedings with formula. I was so surprised that he would eat more after nursing, because he never showed any signs of hunger, but was not lethargic at all. But as we can't really afford to go the formula route I began pumping several times a day. It's very tiring, time consuming, and physically and emotionally exhuasting to basically "double feed" all day. I'm just not ready to give up nursing completely, but many meals get taken via bottle, just to save time.

BUT Ollie is thriving and now putting on weight quickly. And, while our days are pretty crazy trying to squeeze his feeding needs into our already established schedule, I am finally feeling like I have a grip. I have to time everything just right! I am so ready for school to be out and a break from MOPS and gymnastics so that Ollie's schedule is the only schedule to worry about!

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago.

Pondering life in his sleep.

The cute outfit I got super cheap on clearance before I knew if he was a he!
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