Thursday, September 11, 2008

I don't know

This is how I have found Hallie when retrieving her from bed the last several times. I often find her about the house without the bottom half of her wardrobe (4 times yesterday). She takes her diaper off after she goes potty in it, saying, "ewww, yucky." But when I get her out of bed, the potty isn't all in the diaper. This picture is on a day that I thought I was being smarter than her by putting her in a one piece romper type outfit. She managed to wriggle her entire body out of the neck hole. When I reach her, she is sure to point out the wet spots on the sheet and tell me "yucky." I am really not ready to potty train. But, if anyone has potty trained their child at this age and thought it was "easy" (didn't go crazy), feel free to give me some tips.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pregnancy Journal

For those of you who, like myself, love getting a glimpse of what's going on in other people's minds through the intimacy of a journal, and may have been checking mine out -- I have not been a flake. I have posted a few entries over the last two months, but I had the thing set up wrong, so you wouldn't see my most recent entry each time you went. I fixed it for you now (Contessa) so you should go right to my most recent entry upon clicking the link. ;)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sleeping Child

I enjoy finding my children sleeping in strange places at strange times of the day. I always take a picture because it is pretty rare, due to the fact that I am fairly strict about their sleep schedules.
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My Big Boy


Here is a picture of Carson getting off of the bus! Our neighbor accross the road picks him up for school each morning (she has two girls there) and he rides the bus home each day. This was Thursday of his first full week of school. He informed me that I wasn't supposed to meet him at the bus anymore. I said I just wanted to to meet him for the first week to make sure he got off alright. I said "tomorrow will be the last day." He said, "no, today is the last day." The bus drops him right at the end of our road, so it works out really well!
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Tana!

Montana's 4th Birthday

I was able to get by with a family celebration this year, since we now have cousins nearby! Tana seemed to be happy with the party and the Princess cake I managed to make. One of her favorite gifts is the Personalized Disney Princess tea party CD from Grandma Pam -- all the princesses say her name throughout the cd!

More pics!
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Play Doh Mess

This is for you moms that have anxiety attacks when you notice crumbs on the floor. This has not been an uncommon way to find my house at any given time in the last two months. In fact, I can count the times my house has not been messy on one hand. But, I seem to be having more and more good days, and I can proudly say that this area of the house is currently clean! (Well, not clean, just not messy. :)
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