Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So sweet

The video quality is bad, because it is compact, but if you want to hear the sweetest baby voice, just have a listen. Be patient, it takes him a minute to work up to it, but I think it's worth the wait.:) Most of Oliver's talking is melancholy.

Baby Legs


Don't you just love Baby Legs? These ones were Hallie's. They are quite spendy, but so cute and convenient. Much easier than tights, that's for sure. I like to keep my eye out for them on ebay, but now there is this Kid to Kid store in Anchorage that carries them and since we are going there tomorrow I just might splurge on a more manly pair, like camo!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

All Smiles


I have not taken many pics of Ollie in the last month and he has changed a lot! He gives me the greatest grins. He has always had a twinkle in his eye since before he could smile, so I knew he wouldn't be able to hold it in when he gained that ability. His torso is so long, he fills in the six month and up tops! Hallie has some serious love for her baby brother. If I don't keep an eye on her, she is all over him. He will be one tough kid, I am sure.
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Hallie Helps

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Hallie!


Because Hallie's birthday is less than a week before Christmas, we've decided to have halfbirthday celebrations in June. This way she gets her own special day and we have an opportunity to shower her with gifts apart from Christmas. Spread the joy! She had a princess party and we invited a few Sunday School friends, but as it's a busy time of year, only one was able to make it. That's okay! Hallie and Brookie had a great time playing "pin the tiara", decorating princess mirrors, and dressing up in princess clothes. She loves her new bike! When Matt brought it out, she said "is that mine?"
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Google Glitch

First time I've ever had a problem like this with any of my google programs. They've re-addressed the pictures due to something or other I can't restate. I've tried reposting them, but it takes too long and as you can see it screws up my text, so sorry if you missed them!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daily life.

A moose considering whether or not to get on the trampoline and Hallie, the girl who is deathly afraid of moose after a nightmare one time. Occasionally she will just get the feeling there is a moose outside and come running in the house terrified and slam the door.

Another tooth gone...

Look at him. He is not my little boy anymore. He reads. He works with Dad. He takes showers. What more can I say?
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Memorial Day Camping

A few pics from our memorial day camping at Bings Landing. While Bings ended up being a last resort because all other campgrounds were full (believe me, we checked them all), I think we had the perfect spot for the kids to play. And it wasn't like the weather was warm enough to play in water anyway. And I'll say it again -- the outhouse was clean and smelled delightful. I would much rather use it than the camper bathroom. But having my mom's camper this year definitely made the camp more enjoyable and there was no stress about having Ollie there, he did great. We had a great time!



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I think I'm in love...

Introducing Dex (a combination of Dell and XPS). We just might be inseperable from this day forward. And with his sleek, lightweight proportions, it's quite posible to throw him in my bag and bring him with me everywhere. I have never before experienced this ability to watch or play whatever I please and not have to consider how long it might chip out of my day. It's so nice not to have to consider if I have enough time to leave a quick comment on someone's blog post. I can have Dex on my counter on on my lap on the sofa for many hours and he never gives out on me, no blaring fan inhibiting me from hearing my reality TV, 100 pounds weighing down my legs, and 100 degrees making me sweat. I'm so happy.



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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Longer Computerless!

Watch out blogging world, I'm back! I can't wait to introduce you to my new laptop, dubbed as "sexy" by one reviewer. I am so excited to have my own computer, and I can't believe how fast this baby operates. I can't believe how easy it is to watch a youtube video if I feel like it! More tomorrow, I promise!