Sunday, April 20, 2008

My thoughts on being 30.

30 sounds old to me. Obviously, I don't feel any different. But just saying and thinking 30 makes me feel like I am supposed to be a grown-up. Like I am supposed to be really mature. But I'm not. When I was in my 20s (yesterday), I could just have fun. Now, I have to think about more important matters. And I have to act older and more mature.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


No, my title isn't referring to finally being able to play outside without snow boots and coats, as you can see by Hallie being confined to the deck. Indoors though, it is 80 by noon when the gorgeous sun shines through our windows. So, we get hot. Carson wanted to take off his shirt, so I said "sure, we'll pretend we're at the beach." Montana's little imagination took that to heart and she spares no detail when pretending! She slathered on the sunscreen, put on her "sun hat", spread out her beach blanket, and turned on the tunes!
Below, see Hallie revelling in getting to eat at the counter with the big kids! She was really throwing a fit about eating all by herself at the other end of the room and refusing to sit in her chair. So, I got this chair by Phil & Ted that hooks on the counter and she is a happy camper. I started putting the kids up at the counter for breakfast and lunch a year or so ago to minimize clean up and it has been great!
So now, back to the title. After 4 weeks, 3 dr. calls and 1 dr. visit, Hallie finally stopped having diarrhea! Yay! I will never complain about her constipation again! We had a very long month. Between the sickness (Hallie's diarrhea, Carson vomiting in the car twice and having diarrhea, Montana's one big explosion away from a bathroom!) and Hallie and I going to Juneau with Matt's student council in the midst of that and having pretty much a solid week of no sleep ending with Hallie's elevated temp and a nasty cold, I am wiped out! I cannot clean anymore poop or vomit!
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

First Pigtails!

I finally got tired of waiting for Hallie's mullet to work itself out...clearly the hair on the top of her head does not want to grow! So, I gave her some mullet pigtails today. I think they're pretty cute. I cannot believe how long the hair on the back of her head is getting...and how short the hair on the top of her head is!