Monday, February 25, 2008

Praise God!

The most special moment in this mommy's life occurred last night when Carson told me (out of the blue) that he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart! I wasn't expecting to hear this from him at such a tender age, I had almost avoided that particular conversation with him, because I didn't want him to do something he didn't really understand. But who am I to interfere with the call of Jesus? If there is a knock at the door, we need to open it! Carson understands he's a sinner, he believes Jesus died on the cross to pay for those sins, and he wanted to be sure he was going to go to heaven if he were to die today. He prayed for Jesus to come into his heart, and my heart was bursting with joy!


I was inspired by another blogger's sledding pics to get out with my kids! We had a great time sledding, it was sunny and warm. (35) Of course, it was also dangerous, but we all survived! Hallie LOVES to be outside.

Uh Oh!

Here is Hallie ready to go outside!

Here is the mess Hallie made when she tried to feed our new fish. Carson apparently had not closed the fish food tightly enough. Thankfully, she did not get any into the aquarium, or that would have been much more work for me! This picture was taken after I had already scooped as much as I could fit back into the container by hand. The mess looked like she had dumped the entire container but the container looked still mostly full! They really pack that stuff in there, I guess. I wish I had thought to take a picture while Hallie was still standing there holding the fish food, looking quite guilty. I have found special "gifts" to the fish floating in the aquarium on several occasions -- lego men, wooden puzzle pieces, and the plastic pirate skull and crossbones ring is now a permanent decoration.
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Captain Bluebeard

I'm not sure what Hallie had gotten a hold of here, but it created the perfect goatee! She has a lot of really funny facial expressions, but I wasn't able to capture as many as I hoped during this photo shoot. One thing she does with her mouth that I may never catch is a kind of smirk, like she's trying not to smile. She's a cutie and we love her!

Friday, February 8, 2008


So, yes, this blog is titled "Fischer Kids." But, I had to post about my break from the kids! It's the first vacation I've had in 4 years! And it was fabulous. As we were flying home, I was ready to be with my kids again, but I did start to panic about the cold. And it IS cold. If anyone needs a housesitter in a tropical location, the kids and I are on the job. Dad, we'll see you in a month!

This was my favorite part of Busch Gardens, the roller coaster called Sheikra. That's a 200 ft drop at a 90 degree angle. It was awesome. We went 3 times before moving on.
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The world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra

Performing at Busch Gardens Africa in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Busch Gardens Africa

I did not want to do anything "Disney" without the kids, so we opted to use our one free day to go to Busch Gardens. The weather was gorgeous and we really enjoyed ourselves. It was our first time to Busch Gardens, and I was really impressed with the balance of exciting rides, great shows, and zoo-type areas.

Mom's Vacation

Here's the bed in our King Suite at the Royal Plaza Hotel in the Walt Disney World Resort. On Day 1, I woke up and had quiet time, ate room service breakfast, watched the news, and then read by the pool all day while Matt was in his conference. Now that was a good day!

The weather and temperature was so awesome while we were in Orlando! I couldn't have hoped for anything better. I was not expecting to need to cool off in the pool!

We enjoyed dinner at Bergamos, a fine Italian restaurant where the waiters and waitresses also sing broadway quality tunes. (The singing was good, but my Fettucine Alfredo is better.)
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The Babysitter

Here, Aunt Katy and the kids watch Spy Kids 3D. The kids loved having Katy here with them and I think she survived, but I don't think she's in a big hurry to have her own!
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