Saturday, July 17, 2010


After living here for most of the last 19 years, I finally fished for reds from the banks of the Kenai River for the first time! I've always been intimidated to go down and try it. I didn't have anyone to teach me and I didn't want to look stupid. But it's so easy and fun! Of course, being the photographer, there is no proof that I fished, but I did! The girls each got to try it as well. Then I took them to hang with grandma so I could focus and not worry about anyone falling in. Matt and Carson ended up fishing long after I left to get the others to bed and came home at 11:30 pm with 4 fish! Then they got up at 4:15 am the next morning to try for kings with Grandpa from his boat. Not many kings coming out of the river this year. Carson was so excited to fish with grandpa, though, and it was so special for him to take them out on a day off. Tonight, Carson was asked which kind of fishing he liked better and his response was, "Reds, because you actually catch fish!" :)

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This is the first year that I know of that this has been called "Sawfest", but I think that makes it even more awesome! They have this chainsaw carving contest every year and the end results are amazing! This is truly art. Unfortunately, our pictures all revolve around the kids and some older wood carvings and I did not get any of the new carving taking place. But it's a fun little outing with the best BBQ I have tasted and a fun little ice cream shop as well. The carousel costs $1 per person per ride and she just kept it going until I finally told her, "That's probably good", because the kids were starting to try to get off on their own!

The Lake!

We finally had a day nice enough to go to the lake! (Scout Lake, of course.) It was a day I had to clean the trailer and our rooms at Fischers and move to my parent's to make room for their Pensylvania guests. It was gorgeous and warm and I was motivated to clean FAST so we could get to that lake. It may be our only lake day of the summer and it was wonderful. Thank you Lord, for a warm, sunny day! Contessa, Sable, and Emry joined us, which made it even more enjoyable.

A Few Summer Happenings

I found Hallie backpacking her baby, Delaney.

Carson and Grandpa planted a garden.
Carson at Solid Rock Lakeside Camp. Horsemanship.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

Some of the fun happenings on the 4th of July: SUNSHINE! in the morning. church. picnic at the park with Grandma and Grandpa Howard. Parade. Candy. Crazy outfit sightings. Fischer BBQ inside due to rain...many Fischers in a small house! Lots of food!



These 4 boy cousins are all 7 years old! They enjoyed each other immensely during the few days that they were all together.
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Tent Sleeping



It's hard to imagine myself tent camping ever again, but maybe we will once the kids are ALL old enough to stay down and go to sleep without confinement. In the mean time, the older kids can enjoy sleeping in a tent in the yard. And if they get cold or uncomfortable, they can just come on in to their own beds!
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I am so excited that Dana is in town for a month! Since Steph, Dana, and I read the Twilight Saga and the 3rd movie had just come out, it seemed like as good excuse as any to spend the day together! So we drove to Anchorage to watch it on the Imax screen!

The 3 of us were best buds from 8th grade through high school. Now we have 11 kids between us!


This is how our husbands feel about Twilight!

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