Monday, July 14, 2008


Why does pregnant in Spanish sound like "embarrassed"? I probably looked at these a hundred times before I threw them away because I just can't believe that I'm pregnant! Not that we didn't know it could happen, but the odds were kind of against us and, for the first time in four pregnancies, I notice no symptoms! (I have been a bit tired, but this happens regularly when I have 1-3 children waking me at different hours of the night for different reasons.) The arrival will be during spring break, March 19ish. Carson is praying for a boy, Tana is impartial, and Hallie is oblivious.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This is for you, Grandpa!

Hallie May munching on freshly sliced onions.
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Oops I forgot!

I wanted to post this clip of the cool "near miss" thing the Thunderbirds did, where four came from different directions. It happens so fast, it's just not quite as cool on the computer as it is in real life!

Happy July 4th!

Nothing too exciting for us this year! Matt and I made and sold cotton candy during the parade to contribute to Mary's Summer Adventure Fund. Meanwhile, Carson walked up and down the parade route with Aunt Mary selling the goods and the girls sat with Grandma Pam and Grandma and Grandpa Fischer watching the parade. Tonight Montana rode to Anchorage with Aunt Mary and Gma Fischer to pick up Uncle Mike, Aunt Kate, Morgan, Jack and Uncle Tom! Carson went to Camp Fischer to stay the night with Kaden and Hallie will be going to bed early as she had only a mini-nap in the car today! That means date night! :)
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A couple of dreamers...

Matt desires badly to take a ride in one of these jets. So if you know anyone who can hook him up, let me know! (It would be the greatest gift I could give him.)

"This is your Captain speaking..." Carson in the pilot seat of the "purple" jet (FedEx plane).
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These are pictures from the Thunderbirds display and I thought they were amazing. There were a lot of other incredible things we watched as well, but Matt had the camera most of the time and I had Hallie, so we didn't end up with many pictures.
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Air Show

These are pictures of the kids on the drive to the air show at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage (we drove my mom's motor home so we could stay the night and get her from the airport the next day) and pictures of us watching the air show. Carson fell asleep and I had a hard time waking him up for the Thunderbirds, which were really loud! Hallie also took a little snooze. We had bought them all ear protection, and Hallie loved wearing it at home, but she would having nothing to do with it at the show! She was a bit distressed during the loudest parts. We all loved the show and had a great time, despite a bit of showers! I highly recommend an air show to any family looking for something cheap to do together! It was also really nice to have the motor home to take naps and just relax! Matt decided we need to borrow it every time we go to Anchorage so he can nap comfortably while I shop! :)
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