Friday, February 8, 2008

Mom's Vacation

Here's the bed in our King Suite at the Royal Plaza Hotel in the Walt Disney World Resort. On Day 1, I woke up and had quiet time, ate room service breakfast, watched the news, and then read by the pool all day while Matt was in his conference. Now that was a good day!

The weather and temperature was so awesome while we were in Orlando! I couldn't have hoped for anything better. I was not expecting to need to cool off in the pool!

We enjoyed dinner at Bergamos, a fine Italian restaurant where the waiters and waitresses also sing broadway quality tunes. (The singing was good, but my Fettucine Alfredo is better.)
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Peless Family said...

My EYES ARE BURNING!!!!! Oh the pain, the whiteness, the length of those unending legs...Amber, have some class and decency. Matt without a shirt is BAD to behold. I may just have to flag this site for the blogger police...and to think Micali might have looked at this picture. She might never be satisfied by her own dad again.
Just kidding, Matt, don't take it too personally, except for the burning eyes part.

Peless Family said...

Actually, what I am supposed to say is that I am thinking of taking my wife on a vacation too. Thanks guys for the great suggestion.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

wow - that looked like a ton of fun!! we are wanting to take the kids there some day soon too!! but then i will need a vacation from the vacation, right??? thanks!!!

I will be emailing you back in just a bit - I just found your email in my spam folder... sorry for the delay!!