Thursday, June 18, 2009

I think I'm in love...

Introducing Dex (a combination of Dell and XPS). We just might be inseperable from this day forward. And with his sleek, lightweight proportions, it's quite posible to throw him in my bag and bring him with me everywhere. I have never before experienced this ability to watch or play whatever I please and not have to consider how long it might chip out of my day. It's so nice not to have to consider if I have enough time to leave a quick comment on someone's blog post. I can have Dex on my counter on on my lap on the sofa for many hours and he never gives out on me, no blaring fan inhibiting me from hearing my reality TV, 100 pounds weighing down my legs, and 100 degrees making me sweat. I'm so happy.



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Contessa said...

Just now getting to read all these posts, you go girl! Oh, and I love the description of this new man in your life! I do love the flexibility of a laptop!