Thursday, September 11, 2008

I don't know

This is how I have found Hallie when retrieving her from bed the last several times. I often find her about the house without the bottom half of her wardrobe (4 times yesterday). She takes her diaper off after she goes potty in it, saying, "ewww, yucky." But when I get her out of bed, the potty isn't all in the diaper. This picture is on a day that I thought I was being smarter than her by putting her in a one piece romper type outfit. She managed to wriggle her entire body out of the neck hole. When I reach her, she is sure to point out the wet spots on the sheet and tell me "yucky." I am really not ready to potty train. But, if anyone has potty trained their child at this age and thought it was "easy" (didn't go crazy), feel free to give me some tips.
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