Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aunt Katy


Aunt Katy came to stay and help for a couple of weeks shortly after Oliver was born. This picture is just before she was getting on the plane to leave. I can't believe during all that time I didn't take any other pictures! I guess I was just in a haze.

We love Aunt Katy! aka: Tia Kate!

Thank you for staying at our house, on the couch in the playroom, being woke up way too early, entertaining the kids, helping feed and care for them, enduring fatigue-induced loss of patience (my yelling at the kids), hanging out with me, drinking coffee, celebrity gossip, preventing me from starting diet and exercise, and being an excellent sister and aunt!

Oliver is now looking forward to meeting Aunt Britt at her college graduation in Virginia in two weeks!
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