Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lego Star Wars Birthday

Carson's birthday is on Monday. I can't believe I'll have been a mom for 8 years!
Birthday parties used to really stress me out. I think I am improving in that area. They are getting much more fun as the kids get older. And I really do want them to have a special time to remember. Carson's been into legos and Star Wars lately and got the Wii game "Lego Star Wars" for Christmas, so we based our theme on that. It's nice that his guest list was small. That eases the stress a great deal. I was quite proud of my cake utilizing the marshmallow fondant (although I need a lot more practice working with that), my prezel rod light saber snacks, and our Jedi training activities resulting in presentation of a light saber, which I made out of pipe insulation and duct tape. A very fun time!




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