Monday, July 18, 2011

Maggie May!

After 10 years of pushing and prodding, I finally gave in to a dog. Honestly, I always knew we would get one someday, but my reluctance was due to the fact that dogs complicate life. More than kids. You can take kids with you pretty much wherever you go. Dogs are not welcome most public places. Dogs make it more difficult to travel because you have to find a person or place to care for them while you are gone. Dogs shed. Dogs have to be let out to go potty. And, I KNEW, I could not be a dog owner who keeps the dog outside. A pet is part of the family. What IS the point of owning a dog if it spends all it's time away from the family? I needed to be really ready.

So, I gave in on the condition that I got to pick the breed and the name. I think I found a winner with little miss Maggie.

It's a new era for this family. :)
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