Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Post for Hallie, who is soon to be a BIG sister.

I thought it was cute that Hallie wanted to lay by the fire and she had to get her blanket and pillow just right. I also wanted to show off our awesome mantel!

We have been butting heads many many times a day over the last week. In this particular instance, she had drawn all over her hands with marker. Then when she was scolded for it she went into the crying fit and I tried to stop her from putting her hands on her face, but that only made her do it more. So I was trying to get her picture, but she would not take her hands away! Thank goodness for washable markers.
We haven't had very many pleasant interactions lately, and I haven't played with her at all. I can't even handle being upstairs right now because it is so disgusting. I'm talking trashed! But yesterday I got the brilliant idea to pull the mega blocks and mr. potato head out of the playroom closet and bring them downstairs where I could play with her and put back in their containers right away. We've had some very good playtime together over the last two days (among all the head-butting). She was nice enough to pose with our potato head family here.
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