Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boys and Girls Club Basketball

This would be Carson's second game. If you notice him, you will see that he's got a long ways to go! In the first game he didn't even want to play, then he warmed up to it, then got locked out of the gym at half time, and was so upset that he wouldn't go back in after that. Nevermind that he was the only sub and all the kids were begging to sit out. Did I mention that Matt is the coach? Yes, I think it's a bit humbling for him. There's no score kept, of course, but we haven't played a team yet that isn't better than us. There are so many factors involved. They are first and second grade combined, so many of the teams have a majority of second graders with a year more experience than the first. There is no time to practice. The kids are too young to play basketball. Etc. Etc. Etc. Hopefully the kids are having fun, because it can be hard to watch! I know Matt wishes he had more time to work with Carson, especially when his peers' kids are playing against us and seem to have quite a bit more skill and experience!

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