Thursday, December 17, 2009


I guess I have to play catch up and I can't put it off forever or it will take me forever to do it! I'll just skip through most of November and head straight to Thanksgiving. I really want to upload a bunch of videos, but it takes so long! In the month of November, Oliver went from an army crawl to an all-out speed crawler. So maybe I'll get around to putting a video of that.

Here are the pilgrim's hat treats we made for the kids' classes and the placecards we made for Thanksgiving dinner all on the same night -- a school night. Talk about stressfull!

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Matt's parents, where his mom could debut her updated kitchen. Guess who did most of the work? (The kitchen updating, not the dinner...that was Matt's mom, of course. She never lets us do much.)

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katy said...

lita made those pilgrim hats for her preschoolers too.