Tuesday, June 15, 2010

House Progress

We're moving along nicely! I enjoyed a day on the jobsite as a worker (no kids!)when the trusses arrived. It also happened to be our 9th anniversary! My job was to hook up the cables from the boom truck to the trusses to be lifted to the tops of the walls. It's so nice to have Mom's motorhome parked there (thanks Mom!) so on nice days the kids and I can hang out, have a bathroom to use, a fridge and stove to cook on, and beds to rest on when necessary! I am also very excited to have a picnic table! This last Sunday we had a hotdog and smores roast over the fire that Carson built in the fire pit he dug. He was in charge of the whole thing!

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Jamie said...

Looks like it is coming along nicely! Can't wait to have a get-together when it is all done!!