Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Legs

This is not a good example picture, but I have discovered an expensive product I love, called Babylegs. ($12/pair) They are little leg warmer type things. Basically they are tights without the top or bottom. They are really nice for diaper changes, warmth, etc. (Only the stripes are babylegs, in the other picture she is wearing pants.) As you can see, her mullet only looks good in pigtails at this point, so most of the pictures you will be seeing will have them! Also, I have an obsession with summer dresses! (For myself and the girls...wish I had more opportunities to wear them myself!) Hallie has a closet full of them, mostly hand me downs and garage sale finds, more than I think she can get through on Sundays! So I may be dressing her up throughout the summer and posting so I feel like someone has seen them! And lastly, the blanket/paci combo. I've done it again! We can go nowhere without this!

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