Friday, May 16, 2008


Look how big my kids are! I cannot get over Carson being a kindergartener! Recently I have been looking at toddler pictures of him and marvel at the changes in his appearance. His cute round little baby face has transformed into a big boy face! Michael is Carson's buddy who is actually turning 7 this summer. We've been playing together at least once a week for most of the school year. Michael and Rhonda come over after they drop off older brothers to school at 8 and stay until Michael goes to Kindergarten at 10. We look forward to this day every week! Carson and Michael get along so well! And I get to enjoy coffee and conversation with a good friend. It's also nice to know there is someone out there willing to help if I need someone to watch the kids last minute. I am so thankful for Rhonda in my life! Most visits, the TV is off, but on this particular day, Carson and Michael were having a hard time agreeing on what to play with. In the end what they all agreed on was Tom and Jerry (apparently pretty funny according to this sneak attack shot). I should also mention that it has been a struggle for Montana, who wants to be included but isn't always. I understand both perspectives and I would say the boys do a good job of including her about half of the time. Often I try to involve Montana in coloring or some other "crafty" project so the boys can do their own thing.
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