Friday, December 19, 2008

Hallie turned 2!


It was a pretty rough birthday for Hallie. I scheduled her well child check for today because I also had a prenatal, so I knew she was getting shots. But on top of that one of her ears is bothering her, she has the viral junk our family has been battling for awhile which began to goop her eye, and she woke from nap with a fever. She was pretty grumpy there for awhile. But beautiful birthday cookies were quick to bring a smile to her face. I didn't feel like making or eating cake, and since we were not having a huge celebration, I opted to make cookies. I think everyone enjoyed them. My goal is to have a half-birthday celebration for Hallie (in June)in order to spread the joy of gifts over more of the year. Christmas is just a few days away!
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Contessa said...

Can't believe she's two already! And that Tana and Emry will start school in the fall. Crazy!