Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold weather....or whimpy dad?

Oftentimes Matt's excuse for not getting moving in the morning is that he's too cold. On this day, I was not letting him out of his pancake making duties. So, he decided to bundle up. In reality, we had like a month of frigid temps that kept our in-floor heat working overtime. Today, it's crazy to think that a week ago it was
-33 and now it is currently 36 and melting.
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Contessa said...

Nice sweats Matt!

Peless Family said...

You have now made me officially embarrassed to have filled out that recommendation for you =) Seriously, way to be a cool (no pun intended) and make your family pancakes.
But isn't your house like 76 degrees? Did you freeze in my house when you helped with the new boiler?

Jesse Echave and Katy Howard said...

wimpy dad, wimpy dad...