Sunday, May 10, 2009

Poopin' and Peein'

When talking about what's going on in his life, my friend Joel used to respond, "not much, just poopin' and peein'". Well, we had a lot of poopin' and peein' today.

Oliver has changed from a poop every feeding to a poop every three or four days kind of guy. Today was his day. As I picked him up from his swing, I smelled the familiar smell, so I went to change him. There was not much there, so I knew it was just the beginning. We went on a bike ride/walk and upon our return 45 minutes later, I was blessed with the remainder of his colon. Or so I thought. As I began to clean a very messy diaper I called to Matt (who was in the bathroom helping Hallie deal with her poop issues), "the poop every feeding poops were much easier to deal with". Just as I came to the end of that phrase I screamed as I learned that he was NOT done with business. And the poop just kept coming. And I just kept screaming. It was like lava flowing. And if that wasn't bad enough, my scream must have startled him, because here comes Old Faithful. A stream of pee straight into his own face! The screaming and pooping and peeing continued for longer than you might expect. There is no way you can get an appropriate picture of how serious this situation was. Let me add that he was wearing a onesie, which was still under his bottom and consequently had to be brought over his head after the poop was on it.



Heather said...

I hear you sister. The post-poop clothes removal is the WORST!

Jamie said...

WOW!!! This reminds me of our own little lava issue with Silas one time. Oh the joys of being a MOM!!