Friday, January 22, 2010

He Rules the Roost!

Ollie is now a pro stair climber and also has mastered coming back down, so the gate has been put away! Even though he is good at coming down, he still just likes to stand up there and yell for us to come get him much of the time. He thinks he's so cool standing up there watching us down below. It's like the Senior Balcony when I was at SoHi. :)

I love his face in this picture! When I still had the gate around, it would often get left open and if he noticed it he would take off up the stairs giggling and squealing, while looking back now and then to see if he would be caught. He is such a cute little monkey and I am saddened by the approach of his first birthday!
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katy said...

what a cute little man!