Thursday, March 11, 2010

home is where your heart is...

I've described our living arrangements to a few people, but I want to post some pictures so it makes more sense. Basically, Matt's parents have this trailer attached to their home. When you step into their unheated entryway you can turn left and open the door to their house, or turn right and open the door to the trailer. At one point it provided more sleeping room for their 9 children, used as storage space, a showroom and office for their trophy business, and most recently a playroom and extra tv room for visiting grandchildren. It does not have plumbing. It consists of a large room and two smaller rooms. So we have turned the large room into a seperate living area. One of the smaller rooms into Carson and Tana's bedroom and the other into Hallies bedroom. Matt and I and Oliver sleep in two extra bedrooms in the house. We all share the 1.5 bathrooms in the house and the kitchen. I try to keep the kids out in the trailer as much as possible and do everything I can to keep from disrupting grandma and grandpa's daily routines.

There are some nice things like the grandparents getting to enjoy parts of the bedtime routine!

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Dana Broderick said...

How are you doing? I hate moving with a passion! You do a great job setting up in such a small space though!! Anyway, can't wait to see you guys this summer! It's going to be here before we know it! :)