Thursday, April 22, 2010

i heart my Elvis mug!

This might be terrible to admit, but I haven't recieved a present I've appreciated as much as this mug in a long time! Jennifer Harvey, what a good gift-giver you are! Yes, I am an Elvis fan. For several years now my love of Elvis has remained dormant, locked up in the guest bathroom, where Matt doesn't have to see it. And, I don't have time to watch my favorite Elvis movies anymore. But now, I can sip coffee out of my Elvis mug every day! And yeah, I know that he died of overdose and was pretty disgusting in his latter years. But this is how I know and love him. He's young, cute, and has a great voice. I don't need to know anything about his political views or infidelity or substance abuse problems. He's a celebrity. And one that I love.
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katy said...

well! i see where your loyalties lie! looks like you had a good birthday...glad to here! and, tana in the haircut picture is one beautiful hallie's skepticism of it all! and the c-man...he truly is looking like a man! thanks for finally updating...i love to catch up with the fischer fam haps on your blog.

Dana Broderick said...

awesome! I love that you love Elvis! What a great mug!!! You need an Elvis room or something. (you could make it a movie room in your new house!)

Amber said...

Dana, If you keep up suggestions like an Elvis room, you will not be allowed in our house. Having a bathroom was bad enough!--Matt