Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spontaneous Mini-Vacation

Okay, so I went a little crazy one day. Matt went back to school and it was STILL raining and we were couped up in this house. Oliver just kept getting into trouble because there is nowhere for him to be a toddler boy in this house. I felt like a caged animal and the rage was building within. So, in a snap, I decided, we are going to drive to Anchorage, stay in a hotel that has a pool and go to Bouncin' Bears. It was an inside thing I knew that the kids could use up some energy and we'd never been there. I went online to see about a hotel and found that the cheapest place with a pool was Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. I was excited about that because 1. it's really nice 2. I wouldn't have to drive as long with the kids the first day 3. the pool is bigger 4. it wouldn't be as crowded. I tried to get ahold of Matt for his permission at his lunch time, but he had his phone turned off. I finally just went for it! I had to get out of here! Of course, we didn't actually get out of town (after packing the car, buying food, and getting gas) until about 3 and by the time, the sun started to come out! Matt called as we were on the road and I said he was welcome to come stay the night with us even though he would have to leave very early in the morning to get back to work. He didn't sound thrilled about that, plus he had work on the house to do. BUT, he surprised us and showed up to the pool! The kids were so excited about staying at a hotel, it seemed like the next best thing to Disneyland! We swam all evening and then watched Marmaduke in our room while eating room service pizza. In the morning, we drove to Anchorage and went to Bouncin' Bears, even though it was sunny and gorgeous out at that point. Then, on a whim, we went to the Alaska Zoo. I saw the sign and realized this was a very good opportunity to check it out since we had never been. Overall, it was an awesome mini-vacation with the kids!

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katy said...

i love that hallie is always wearing pink!