Saturday, August 28, 2010

this boy loves to drive!


Oliver just has a thing for driving. I'm always amazed when little boys automatically pick up toy cars and "drive" them around while making "car sounds". So Oliver did that and I thought it was adorable. But, aside from that, he ALWAYS chooses to get in this play car first thing when he goes outside and he can stay in there up to a half hour without even going anywhere! Okay, that's not all. One day, when we pulled in to the driveway and I took him out of his carseat and put him down and he threw a fit hitting my door until I let him in my seat. He proceded to "drive" my car by turning the steering wheel and then he reached down an picked up the car keys from where I leave them in the center console and tried to put them in the ignition! (Okay, it was the cutest thing ever, but I think I should probably find a better spot for them when he gets older!) Last thing, what do you think he does when we go to Fred Meyer? Insists on the car shopping cart, which I can't stand to push around!
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katy said...

i'd love to see you pushing around one of those monstrous beasts! they're always in the way at the store!