Monday, November 22, 2010

Hats and Curtains

So, I am by no means a seamstress. I wish I were! But there have been a couple times in my life that I have set my mind to making something with no directions and have been really impressed with my results. Several years ago I decided to make hats for Carson and Tana to match their coats, since there are so many cute fleece fabrics out there now. I did not ask anyone for help or advice, just decided to give it a go. I just measured their heads with the fabric. Then I sewed a large hem on one side to double up the area that would cover their ears. Then I sew a "stovepipe shape." Then I tied the top with a piece of thread into a pom pom. For the girls, I cut the pom pom into little tassles. For the boys, I keep it short and sweet. Hats and other winter gear are really spendy and fleece fabric is always 50% off or more, so I decided to make the kids some new ones. You can see Hallie and Ollie's here. Montana wouldn't let me photograph her this time! :( Carson already had a nice storebought one, so I didn't make him one. But now he says he wants one, so I'll have to go shopping again, drat!
Here's the cute fabric that I just sewed into a little curtain/valance for the kitchen! I am in love with this fabric against my dark brown cabinets! I am pretty much in love with fabric, especially bold patterns, I guess that's why I wish I was a seamstress! (By the way, please don't examine my sewing!)

So, I've been debating on what colors to accent my kitchen with since we've been in here...worried about clashing with the living area in this great room. I have now settled on several colors -- green (somewhere between lime and avocado), yellow (kind of a vintage yellow), and orange (more bright than rusty)! Not sure if my rooms clash or flow, but so far I am comfortable with all the colors I am living in!
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