Monday, November 29, 2010

Okay, so I'm sentimental!

Yesterday I got started putting clothes away in my closet. I had this bag of "work" clothes that I hadn't worn in years and I was ready to part ways with clutter that I was not making use of. I was determined to get rid of them. So I dumped them out and found that even if I don't ever wear them again, there are just some things (t-shirts in this case) I can't get rid of. They are too sentimental. I like the reminders of different times in my life. Enjoy this little history lesson on the life of Amber.

(disclaimer: please don't focus on my bad hair and huge zit!)

Although hard to see, this t-shirt has a skeleton drawn on it. I did this scientific masterpiece my junior year of highschool in Anatomy and Physiology. I am normally an English/Literature kind of a girl, but this class was one of my favorites! The teacher, Mrs. Lakin, was great. The class was fun and she really taught in a way that I "got it". I was really proud to be named science student of the year by Mrs. Lakin.
Happy Birthday Ruby! I have never met Ruby. But I had an unlikely friend in college at Cal Baptist named Johnny Holmes. He was way too cool for me, but somehow we clicked. He was a golfer on the school team, which is why he was there, and had a great sense of humor. He also smoked, eww! I used to keep him company outside the school gates when he needed a smoke. I think he came from money, not sure, but one day he was getting rid of this big bag of clothes. Really nice stuff! I went through it and took a couple of shirts, one of which my husband now wears, hee hee! This Ruby shirt is the other one. I was aghast that he would dare throw away his Aunt Ruby! And thus, I will continue to store her safely in my closet.
Kenai Peninsula Football Camp. One of my best buds, Dana, and I were football managers for our highschool our sophomore through senior years. Man, we had some good times! Loved being a football manager. I have always felt fulfilled when taking care of guys. Highschool, college, now, as a wife. Someone has to do it! They are just not capable. ;)
Nowhere else but...Jerseyville! I mean seriously! This is the tiny town I was born in. But I found this shirt at a thrift store or garage sale, can't remember which. And I think that's enough said about that!

Special thanks to my photographer Carson!
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Contessa said...

Haha, love these. Especially poor old Ruby! Maybe they'll make good sleeping shirts for the kids. My girls love to wear my t-shirts to bed.

Dana Broderick said...

I LOVE IT! Man I had that Football shirt for YEARS! I don't know what I eventually did with it...Ryan probably convinced me to get rid of it. I love old comfy!

Kc Morris said...

Awesome! You've heard of t-shirt quilts, haven't you? Love Aunt Ruby, too.