Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Katy's Wedding

Here are a few pictures before and after the ceremony. I don't have any pictures of the ceremony yet, as I was in it, but I am hoping some will come my way from others. All of the kids were in it and I was pretty worried about how it would go. I think they all did pretty well during the ceremony, except Hallie was concerned about the flower petals falling out of her basket (she didn't carry a basket during the rehearsal) and so my dad had to pick her up and carry her down the aisle. He had Hallie in one arm and Katy on the other. I hope to see a picture of that. Matt took her off his hands when he got to the front. Montana also decided to squat and show the world her Dora panties during half of the ceremony and when she stood up she had her basket around her neck. I am worried that there are no happy pictures of the kids after the ceremony, because they were just cold and hungry and they did not want to take pictures! I feel bad for Katy about that. Sorry, Tia Kate! Last thing I have to say -- Carson was looking pretty handsome in his tux!

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Jesse Echave and Katy Howard said...

i love the one of me holding bbq face tana!