Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Silly Hallie

Hallie's grown up a lot over the summer. Her hair on top hasn't grown much, but her comprehension and vocabulary has! It's amazing how much of what we say to her in normal talk she understands. She doesn't have a huge vocabulary yet, but some of her words include shoes, sock, milk, drink, stuck, rock (as in rock in the chair before bed), cup, bee, yuck, poop, and I'm sure I'm forgetting lots.

One of my favorite verbal things of Hallie's is the bee. First of all, she calls any bug a bee. Secondly, she's had a few bites (mosquito, gnat, who knows?) on the back of her neck. When a bite is bothering her, she'll come complaining (can your hear her complaining tone?) "bee, bee" with her hand near the bite. Lastly, the whole bee thing started with my dad. He would always make his fingers into a bee, fly them around buzzing, and end with a sting in a ticklish spot. This was always great fun for all the kids and I enjoyed watching it so much that I also started doing it with them. Recently, Hallie started making her own bee, making the buzzing sound and "stinging" me. It is so cute!
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