Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Fun

You might have heard or guessed or read my journal, but I haven't been feeling well at all. And the way I have been feeling is a very good excuse for why I have not been on the computer. But today I feel good, so I am taking the opportunity to catch the blog up through the summer, because tomorrow school starts! And Carson is going to Kindergarten. I hope I remember to take some pictures. Of course, since I post chronologically and I wil being adding a few, you will be reading them in reverse. But that's okay!

Here is a picture of dad taking Carson and Tana fishing in Grandma and Grandpa Fischer's lake . It was a rare sunny day. Because I only take pictures on sunny days, you may think we've had a lot. But I'd say we've had 10 or less the whole summer.

Oops, I take that back. I took this picture of poor Tana bundled up at the beach while others were clamming. It was supposed to be a really nice day, so of course I dressed us all for the sun and it was freezing. The girls and I were miserable on the beach that day and I just kept dreaming of Hawaii. I said, I need to live somewhere where I can leave the house and expect the weather to be the same if I drive a half hour away. Below is the sand castle cousin Keith made. He was trying to help Tana make it, but she was too cold and really didn't feel like giving any input at all. It turned out really neat though.

A sunny day! We had a couple of days warm enough to play in the water. We really enjoyed having our neighbors Cole and Reid and Amber and Ariel (not picutured) come enjoy our backyard with us on this sunny day.
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