Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Busy Week!


Yesterday Carson had a dentist appt. which is always nerve-wracking, but I have to say, he did awesome! James MacDonald would say, "no, God is awesome." So I'll rephrase, he did fantastic! We were just going for x-rays and exam, so I thought, because Matt had arrived late to his last cleaning appointment and had to reschedule the exam part. But he ending up doing the sealants (that we had tried to do a year ago) as well and Carson didn't complain or throw a fit through any of it! I was so relieved! Not so with today's visit to the doctor's office for his chicken pox booster. He and Tana each had to get a shot and Oliver had three along with his 4 month well-child check. Turns out he's a string bean! Big surprise! He's in the 90th percentile for length and the 10th percentile for weight! Oh well, I'm confident he'll grow more meat eventually. He's a healthy and happy boy!

As for the tooth, Carson's been bugging me to pull it for him for awhile, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Finally, last night on the way home from Grandma's he said, "mom, is it okay if I pull my tooth out before bed?" I said, "sure, just do it right now." "no, I'll wait until I get home." He was kind enough to go out on the deck so we didn't have to experience it. He came in 5 minutes later with a big toothless grin! I said, "so are you going to put that under your pillow tonight, or what?" "nah, I promised Kaden I would show it to him." Huh, go figure!

Tana, on the other hand, made the statement "mom, when am I going to lose a tooth so I can get some money without earning it?"

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Contessa said...

Emry surprisingly lost one the other day! She's been talking about having a loose tooth since Avlynne has been losing hers. But finally her wish came true. Then she DEFINITLY changed her mind about having it come out! I can't believe she's lost one already. She's a full year ahead of Avlynne.