Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hallie Story

Today we had planned to go to the lake, but it turned out quite windy and chilly. By 2:30 we were all antsy and wanting to get out. Matt was out working. So I decide to load up the bikes and take the kids to the track to get some practice in. The track was being utilized by a group that I did not want to disturb with my kids, so I took them to the park instead. It was cold. We decide to go to Dairy Queen for dinner. As we are leaving the playground, Hallie says, "I went poop." I ignore her, hoping it's not true. I am hungry and really want my cheeseburger. As we are loading into the car, Tana is holding her nose and saying Hallie stinks. I had removed my supplies to fit in the bikes, thus no Hallie sized diapers. I look in her pants and can't really see anything and for some reason can't smell it yet either (I think it's the cross wind caused by both doors being open). I say we can get in in the drive through and eat at home and the kids start whining (I had promised Carson a banana split a long time ago). So I say she's not that bad and it can just wait. When we arrive at Dairy Queen and I begin to help Hallie out, I realize she smells too bad to take in. I grumble under my breath, "why does this always happen? I'm such a stupid mom!" Hallie says, "what?" I reply, "nothing" she says "stupid mom?" I say, "yes" So I decide to take off her diaper, clean her bottom and just leave her in her pants/skirt combo she has chosen to wear. As we are walking into Dairy Queen she is shouting "I'M NAKED! I'M NAKED!" I get her hushed before we get in. Dinner goes fairly well, no major mishaps, no accidents, although myself with the four kids is clearly a source of entertainment for other patrons of the restaurant. So, we get home and I get down to the business of feeding Ollie, while instructing the kids to go play upstairs or else it's bedtime. The older two, as usual, go in Carson's room and shut the door, excluding Hallie. A few minutes later I hear pounding on the door and Hallie yelling, "LET ME IN WITH MY BARE BUTT!"
The End

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