Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to the Manger

All four kids particiapted in the Children's Christmas musical at church, directed by my mom. I wish I had some good video to put on, but even if I spent the time to upload what I have, you would go crazy waiting to hear my kids sing. Montana had a short little solo of the first verse in Away in a Manger and she did awesome. I was also very proud of Carson...it takes him a little bit to move past his stage fright. The story involved a time machine and kids ending up at their church Caroling Outreach on Christmas Eve in several different decades, so it had lots of great music and we enjoyed listening to the CD from Oct. up until Christmas and thus having the entire thing memorized.

Montana was in the 80s.
Carson was in the 40s.
Hallie was the star in the Nativity, but she wouldn't stand, so no one could see her full cuteness.
I wasn't sure if Ollie would participate in the Nativity or not, but I brought a pig head in case he wanted to get up there with Hallie. He enjoyed himself climbing up the steps and jumping off multiple times!
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