Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Completed New House

The house on Meandering Road is finished and up for sale. I fought hard the urge to move in. It is so beautiful and I absolutely love the floor plan. I told Matt if we ever decide to build ourselves another house, that I want to duplicate the floor plan, but fit in another bedroom. It is so functional! If you want to see pictures of the inside, click on the title.

Matt has moved on to his next project, a duplex that we will keep as an investment property.
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Jesse Echave and Katy Howard said...

jesse and i were wondering what you were selling this house looks great!

Jesse Echave and Katy Howard said...

okay, now i just looked at the house pictures and i love it! did you put a mini fridge upstairs? i couldn't tell what it was. your right about the layout, really nice. maybe we'll be hiring matt to help us build in the future. probably when carson is of the age to get hired as well!

Amber said...

yes, Matt just had to get that mini fridge...he, of course, invisions that room as the "man room"...with all the set up for major media and it's even plumbed for a little sink as well...I think of it as a play room...i believe the asking price for the house is $430,000 but don't quote me on that!, when it comes to family, there is no hiring involved! we just work alongside one, too, can build a house!