Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Day Camping

My work is piling up and I thought, well, I have time for at least one post tonight...hopefully I will catch up soon! Our camping trip was a lot of fun! There were 5 of us families from church that went, all with kids around the same age. The adults were outnumbered by one, can you guess which family has the extra kid? Maybe we're crazy, but neighbor Jaime is pregnant, so they're catching up! The youngest camper was Brooklyn, she is a month younger than Hallie and the oldest kid was Avlynne, who will be in 2nd grade. All the rest fell between! We feared that all campgrounds would fill up before all of us could arrive, so we set out to reserve or pre-set-up our sites earlier in the week. After a few different places, all five campsites ended being set up by Burr, Contessa, and Matt at Bings Landing. We learned with some slight scolding that we are not allowed to set up our campsites, pay for them, and then not stay in them. Geez, they got some extra money out the the deal!

The camping was fun! It was sunny and windy the first night we were there. It turned out that our site was most sheltered from the wind, so we all gathered around the fire there. The kids played in the dirt and the woods and had a great time. Each family was responsible for one meal. It was really nice not to have to worry about bringing all the different food needed for various meals! We had planned on staying two nights, but the second day it began to rain. We toughed it for awhile, but when the rain got harder, Matt was the first one to wimp out and pack up for home.

I should also mention that Hallie did not come with us the first night. I drove home and picked her up from my mom in the morning. It's a good thing too. I don't think she would have slept. I did not sleep. It was COLD. Matt and I are the only dorks who did not have an air mattress to sleep on. Let me tell you, the ground is hard and cold.

Sorry for all the pictures. I hate choosing!

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