Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All About Montana

Here's some of her hard play. There was also another interesting setup I dismantled before I thought to take pictures.

Enjoying the "work in progress" fireplace. It still needs the hearthstone and mantel to be complete.
"Here's the good news, guys." That's what she said to us when she came into our room at 5:58 this morning. I found it quite funny coming out of her mouth, actually. She says a lot of funny, grown up things I wish I kept track of. She continued with, "I slept longer than anyone else last night." That was after a full day of nastiness out of her. With Montana there is no inbetween. 90% of the time she is good. I mean, she is sweet, helpful, compliant, and just plays all day doing her own thing -- imagining, pretending, creating. But when she's bad, she's BAD. I'm talking just mouthy, defiant, tyrant tantrum type behaviour. And she doesn't give in. She doesn't let go. She doesn't give up. She has a very strong will on these occasions. Usually it all boils down to sleep deprivation. It's amazing how completely different our kids can be when they go to bed and when they wake up. It's like they remember nothing of the night before. (Which much of the time is good.)

Speaking of sleep deprivation, I need to go try again now. One wierd thing I've noticed over the last few nights is the way my feet feel when I step out of bed 5 times a night. They don't feel right. It's hard enough actually getting out of the bed, but then to land on my feet and for a moment feel as though they might just pop or something is just great. I am ready for this baby to be out of me.
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