Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tribute to my Valentine

I don't have any pre-marriage pics readily accessible on my computer, but I really like this picture of my two men right around our second anniversary. I have to give my husband credit for 8 Valentine's days of trying. He is a regular guy, a good guy, just trying to figure me out. I gave him the impression in the beginning that I didn't care for flowers and jewelry, but over time, my tastes have changed a bit. Flowers and jewelry are all good now, as long as they are the right flowers and jewelry! Of course, I don't want to tell him straight out what I want, or else it won't feel authentic. But acting like I don't want anything doesn't work, because then he acts on that. He's a guy. I'm a woman. We don't think or operate the same. I haven't been the best at graciously receiving his Valentine's attempts in the last years. I try to be good at first, but not much time usually goes by before I make some comment regarding the presentation, the gift itself, the lack of gift, etc. In short, I am not a very good gift receiver. I do feel bad about that. But I have to say, I could have it a lot worse. And he has been improving over the years. This year my man did a stellar job picking me a gift all on his own, and while I unfortunately learned that a gift was coming (thus, thwarted his surprise), it is still my best Valentine's day ever! I can't wait to see what happens next year. :)
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Dana Broderick said...

SO TRUE! Ryan and I are the same and we're starting to figure each other out...and I'm JUST LIKE YOU...not a great receiver. :) Every year is an adventure. :) Ryan is good about flowers every year. He used to buy me godiva chocolates every year until I told him that they were too expensive and to not buy them anymore. See, for me, he just needs to buy flowers and I need to splurge on him. Have you read the 5 love languages?? I recommend it! :)