Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Carson!

It's hard to believe I am the parent of a six year old! That age just doesn't sound like a little boy any more. And Carson has definitely grown up a lot over the last few years. As a stay at home mom of young children, the days may go by slowly, but the years go by fast! I tried to get pics from each year, but I couldn't find many from age 1. I hope there's a disk with them around here somewhere. What can I say about Carson? While it's easy to focus on the negative or difficult parts of his personality, there's a lot to love about this kid! He's a mama's boy. He's extremely smart. He's funny. He wakes up every morning with a smile.
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Dana Broderick said...

WOW! I can't believe our kids are so big! It seemed like yesterday that we both had our first!

Geagels said...

Amber I cannot believe that much time has gone by! It's crazy! Carson was just 18 months old when we met you guys!