Monday, February 16, 2009


It has been warm (30s) and the days have been longer, so the kids have been enjoying some outdoor play. Hallie just has to join them. Thankfully, she manages pretty well out there for up to 15 mins, until she decides to take off her mittens and then comes in with cold hands. I am fortunate to be able to watch from the windows and see all the areas of our back/side yard. The neighbors came over this day and the kids played outside for a couple of hours. I know Jaime got some better pictures. As for the snow gear, Montana, who for some reason can't stop calling it "geter" does a great job of getting hers on all by herself! Carson still insists on help getting his pants just right with his boots. Hallie wants to wear hers all the time. This morning she got ahold of her boots and wore them around the house in just a diaper for a few hours. When I tried to dress her she asked for her snow gear and got mad when I said we weren't putting that on.
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