Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beautiful Girl

I was pretty much a tomboy growing up. More concerned about climbing trees than putting on makeup. I've only just started experimenting with makeup in the last few years! I suppose I allow this "frilly mindset" (dolls, pink, cheerleading, makeup) to flourish in my girls, although I am perplexed at how it has taken root with no real encouragement and sometimes real admonishment from dad. My two girls love to get into my makeup drawer. This morning I finally gave in and allowed Tana to "put on" some of my make-up. I loved this statement she made: "Mom, I am going to be so eautiful today, because you have the prettiest makeup I ever seen."

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Dana Broderick said...

Such great updates! Awww....Tana is so cute! She's figured out the make-up. Watch OUT!

Anonymous said...

hey i had a great time catching up on your blogs today......your gonna have your hands full when those girls hit the teen years!! Sorry i cant help you on that babysitter situation! well thanks for keeping me updated on your family. It makes you guys not feel so far away! love ya lots!!