Friday, March 28, 2008

Tired Hallie

Hallie will plop down anywhere with her blankie. Usually when she is tired and grumpy, I try to distract her from where I am doing something (usually the kitchen) for as many minutes as I can get before she comes trudging back to me to throw her arms around my legs and her head between them. The distraction always involves the blankie, because it will assist in keeping her content for longer. Here, I placed her on the zebra, with blankie in tow, and she apparently had no energy to ride.

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Rebecca :-) said...

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Amber said...

Just so everyone knows, my kids sleep in their own beds in their own rooms because, for us, it provides the best sleep quality all around. We also follow a basic sleep schedule, which provides the family with consistency and stability. When Hallie is tired, it is usually time for nap or bed and I lay her down and she goes to sleep without a fuss. There are times, however, such as when I am preparing dinner or when she is sick (currently) that she acts tired and grumpy and lying her down will not solve the problem at that exact moment.