Friday, March 28, 2008

Teddy Bear Picnic

It's been a boring week here for us following a spring break of snow machining with cousins, running around with dad and irregular schedules. The kids and I have spring fever something fierce. I found myself longing to get out of the house today, but with no where to go! It's getting warm enough to play outside, but there is still snow on the ground and Hallie is not stable enough on it to roam free.

The kids decided to set up a picnic upstairs and this is the scene I came upon. They left out no detail. Baby Alive even wore sunscreen. I love my kids' imaginations!


Anonymous said...

I love how kids can entertain themselves for hours on end.......looks like they had some fun and good food!!! you can tell matt that i finally updated my page.....sheesh mr impatiant!!!haha. love and miss you all!!!

Amber said...

I love it WHEN my kids entertain themselves for hours on end! It's happening more often...