Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mean People Make Me Mad!

Matt loves to concern himself with my e-mails (beware, secret lovers). And so one day he noticed a comment to the blog from someone we did not know, with a link. He warned me never to click on an unknown link (like, does he think I am that stupid?). Anyways, I get a comment on a blog post recently and it is one of these links and nothing else. I am so frustrated...I want real comments from real people, not viruses and spyware from mean people! So, I think, I want to know who this person is. They did not leave this link from anonymous, they have a profile. So, I go to their profile. No info, just their blog, titled "My Blog." Okay, curiousity has really gotten to me. It's a google blog, I don't even think twice. I click the link to their blog. BAM! Your computer is infected! I am such a sucker...trying to outsmart the smart guy. Mean people make me mad.

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Jamie said...

Hey Amber- sorry that you have to deal with mean people. I have those anonymous emails, etc. Hope your week goes better. We will be back home on Thurs. yeah!!